Council Tax Support Scheme

Changes to Local Council Tax Scheme for 2014/15 onwards

In April 2013 the Government removed Council Tax Benefit and reduced the grant given to Councils to fund these benefits. To cover the reduced funding, Spelthorne adopted its own Local Council Tax Support Scheme. This protects disabled people and requires working age people on benefit to pay 8.5%.  Pensioners will be protected 100% as they are outside the scheme. Pensioners will remain under the national Central Government scheme rules. At the same time Spelthorne changed council tax payments on empty homes.

The withdrawal of a one year government grant and the increasing pressure on Council Tax means that the Council has had to re-examine its position. The Council decided in December 2013 to amend the local scheme to:

  • working age claimants will pay a minimum of 25% of their Council Tax
  • people with disabilities will pay a minimum of 10% of their Council Tax
  • pensioners will continue to be protected

These changes took effect from 1 April 2014.