Cycling for health scheme

Cycling for Health

Cycling for Health booking form

Spelthorne Council Cycling for Health scheme was launched to encourage residents to improve their health by taking up cycling. The scheme is free and aimed at adults, offering guided rides of around 7-12 miles during the week.

To book a place on one of pdf icon our rides [759kb] please use our online form or contact Leisure Services 01784 446433 or email

Once booked, in case of cancellation, you will be contacted, where possible, 24 hours' prior to the ride.

Please note, the rides are designed for adults only and are therefore not suitable for children.

To join the rides, you need:

  • your own bike - this needs to be in good condition and well maintained
  • a helmet is strongly recommended
  • comfortable clothes and footwear
  • a spare tube for the size to fit your bike
  • a puncture repair outfit, including tyre levers and a pump is also recommended

British Cycling's M-Check is a quick, intuitive and easy to remember routine for ensuring that your bike is in good working order and is safe before every ride. The video shows you how to systematically check your bike from front to rear in a way that will quickly become second nature. As well as helping to guarantee your safety, the M-Check will also help you become more familiar with the parts and workings of your bike.

Cycling can:

  •  give you a healthier heart and immune system
  •  help you manage your weight
  •  reduce stress, anxiety and improve mental health
  •  help you sleep better
  •  improve your fitness

Why cycle?

  •  cycling is a low impact activity
  •  it allows you to explore Spelthorne and neighbouring areas
  •  it is eco-friendly
  •  you can make new friends