Empty homes

Long term empty homes

Spelthorne Council currently have 153 properties which have been empty for six months or more. Although this represents less than 0.4 per cent of the housing stock, empty properties can cause a number of problems. For example they are often an eyesore,  can attract antisocial behaviour such as vandalism, cause concern to neighbours and the local community and may affect the value of surrounding properties. They can also be a burden for owners and the community in terms of wasted resources and costs. It is therefore imperative that these properties are brought back into use.

We are committed to bringing empty homes back into productive use and we are currently looking at a number of initiatives that will help us to achieve this.  Whilst we will make every effort to work with owners of long term empty properties; providing advice, guidance and encouragement. However as a last resort we may enforce statutory powers where efforts to encourage the owner to voluntarily bring the property back into use have failed.

We are working with CapacityGRID, to contact owners and occupiers of homes, including visiting the properties which have been empty longer than six months to establish if the properties are occupied.

If you own an empty home and require advice, or perhaps just wish to discuss the various options, please contact us.

If you have received a letter from CapacityGRID regarding your property you can provide information via the CapacityGRID Web Form or the helpline on 0300 303 2076.