Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

All businesses throughout the country are part of the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) which is operated by the Food Standards agency.

Under the scheme, cafes, restaurants, pubs, shops and business selling food to the final consumer are given a numerical rating to show how well they comply with food safety standards. The better the standard, the higher the numerical rating! A score of 5 is the highest rating and 0 is the lowest.

There are currently three ways you can get this information:

  • check out the Food Standards Agency website
  • as the business directly
  • look in the window or on the door of a restaurant to see if they are displaying a Food Hygiene Rating sticker

The following table shows what each food hygiene rating means:

FH ratingStandard achievedDefinition
5Very goodVery good food safety management. High standard of compliance with food safety law.
4GoodGood food safety management. Good standard of compliance with food safety law. Improvement may be possible.
3Generally satisfactoryBroadly compliant with food safety law. Some more effort might be required.
2Improvement necessarySome non-compliance with the law, more effort required to prevent decline.
1Major improvement necessaryGeneral failure to satisfy the law, standards generally low.
0Urgent improvement necessaryAlmost total non-compliance with the law.

 You can find more information about the Food Hygiene Ratings scheme by viewing the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section.

Updating the website

After an inspection or re-assessment, the score will be put on the Food Standards Agency's website after 21 calendar days. This then available for review by the public via the Council website or the Food Standards Agency's website.


If an owner disagrees with their food hygiene rating  an appeal, in writing or by email, should be made to the Principal Environmental Health Officer (Commercial) within 21 calendar days of the notification date, setting out the specific reasons for the disagreement. Appeals received after this time limit will not be considered and the original food hygiene rating will stand. The Principal Environmental Health Officer (Commercial) will inform the owner of their decision within 21 calendar days of the appeal being made.

Requests for re-inspection and revisits for re-rating purposes

Requests for re-inspection/revisits can be made when a food business owner has a rating of 0-4 and believe they have made necessary improvements to address any non-compliances discovered during their latest food hygiene inspection. This re-inspection will not normally be carried out less than three months after the initial inspection. This is to ensure that improvements claimed/made have been sustained.

Right to reply

The food business operator has the "right to reply" for example to explain to customers what action is being taken to remedy issues.