New Allocations Policy consultation

Currently Spelthorne Borough Council shares an allocations policy with Elmbridge Borough Council and local housing associations. Some applicants can move areas under this policy.

We are currently considering adopting a separate housing allocations policy and this will affect how social housing is allocated. We are seeking views from residents, applicants to our current housing register or partner organisations about the changes.

The main changes are:

  • under a separate allocations policy applicants would not be able to move out of the Borough and all future lettings to Spelthorne properties would be made to those on our housing register only

  • reduced priority would be given to current social housing tenants (these tenants have other options available through their housing association landlords)

Tell us your views

Our consultation is open from Monday 22 May 2017 until Friday 30 June 2017

Why are we consulting?

We are required by law to have a housing allocations policy in place that outlines how we prioritise applications for social housing and the allocation procedures we follow.

All social rented properties in Spelthorne are owned and managed by housing associations. Lettings to about 75 percent of vacant social housing properties in the Borough are made under the control of the Council's housing allocations policy. The remaining vacancies are controlled under housing associations internal transfer and lettings policies.

We currently have a common policy with partners Elmbridge Borough Council, A2Dominon Housing Group and PA Housing under the Search Moves scheme. Under this common policy some properties from each area are 'pooled' and some applicants can move across the Search moves area, ie 'cross-partner'.

We are now planning to adopt a single borough allocations policy. This would cover housing allocations within Spelthorne only and would no longer allow for cross-partner moves. The new policy also changes some priorities for housing allocation including the priority given to transferring social housing tenants. The changes would apply both to existing and new applications. All current housing applicants are likely to be affected in some way.

What will we do with the results?

The results of this consultation will help us decide what changes will be made to the policy. We plan to introduce the revised policy in Autumn 2017.

The survey is completely anonymous and the information you provide will only be used to help agree a revised policy. The consultation closes on 30 June 2017.