Out of hours noise service

The Council is piloting an 'out-of-hours' service to investigate noise complaints.

The 'out-of-hours' noise service is available:-

  • Monday to Thursday - 5pm to 8am the following day
  • Friday from 5pm to 8am the following Monday
  • 24 hour cover for weekends, Bank and Public Holidays

This service provides a response to 'emergency' noise problems relating to:

  • parties that affect more than one property
  • intruder alarms (includes vehicles and building)
  • commercial premises  (eg pubs, clubs, shops, offices, schools, village halls)
  • construction sites operating after 6pm during the week, 1pm Saturday and on a Sunday or a Bank Holiday, and
  • complaints actively being investigated by the Council's Environmental Health Service.

If you are affected by noise as outlined above then phone the out-of-hours contact centre on 01932 425060.

What will happen?

You will be connected to the out-of-hours call centre who will record the details of the complaint.

If the matter is deemed to be one which needs to be dealt with immediately, the details will be passed to the emergency duty noise officer. The noise officer will call you back to discuss the problem and will decide whether a site visit needs to be made. A visit to your property maybe required.

You will need to provide your name, address and contact telephone number, along with the details of the complaint, including the address where the nuisance is occurring.

Not dealt with outside of normal office hours

  • anonymous complaints will not be accepted
  • if your complaint is not deemed urgent you will be advised accordingly. Your complaint will be logged and referred to the Environmental Health team for investigation the next working day.