To find out when your light green bin is collected, type your postcode in to My Spelthorne.


Your recycling is collected every two weeks. Place rinsed items loose in your bin and not in plastic bags. On your collection day, put your light green bin kerbside by 6am with the lid closed. Once empty, please move your bin back onto your property as soon as possible.

What can go in my bin?

Use the recycling search tool or PDF guide 'Could you recycle more' (at the bottom of this page) to check if an item can or cannot be recycled.

Check your recycling

If you place the wrong items in your recycling bin, it might not be collected, as the whole truck load could be rejected at the recycling plant. You will have a sticker on your bin advising you which items cannot be recycled, please remove these before your next collection. Drinks cartons (e.g. Tetrapak cartons) can be recycled at the Community Recycling Centre(tip).

Missed collections

If you think your bin has been accidentally missed, contact us within one working day by completing the online form or contact Customer Services. Either we will return to collect your bin or you will need to wait until your next scheduled collection date.

Order a new bin

To request an additional or replacement please complete the order a new bin form.

Re-useable recycling bags (free to residents)

Recyclables must be placed in your recycling bin loose. To help you, we offer free, re-useable recycling bags to transport your loose recyclables from your home to your recycling bin.  They have a handle underneath allowing you to easily empty the contents into your recycling bin.  Printed on the side of the bag is a list of what you can and can't recycle or you can look up individual items using the recycling search tool.

You can collect a recycling bag (along with a range of informative recycling leaflets) from any of the locations below:

  • Benwell Centre, Sunbury
  • Council Offices (Knowle Green), Staines-upon-Thames
  • Fordbridge Centre, Ashford
  • Greeno Centre, Shepperton
  • Staines Community Centre, Staines-upon-Thames
  • White House Depot, Ashford

Plastic bags

Carrier bags, films or sandwich bags cannot be recycled even if they have the recycling logo on (this means that they are made out of recycled material). You can use plastic bags to line your food waste caddy, put them in your rubbish bin or most large supermarkets have carrier bag recycling facilities close to the main entrance.

Excess recycling

If you have excess recycling, please leave it at the side of your bin. If your recycling bin is often overflowing, you can request a second bin. Please note, we will only take household recycling. Commercial/business recycling will not be accepted.


Dry cardboard can be left neatly folded next to your bin unless it is raining, we cannot accept it wet.

Recycling service

Some properties may not be part of the recycling service because there is no space for bins, this is usually high rise flats.