Textile collection service

We are working in partnership with L M Barry to collect and reuse your textiles. We will donate 5 percent of the profits to a different local charity each year. If you would like to help us choose a local charity for September 2017- August 2018, please email neighbourhoodservices@spelthorne.gov.uk with your choice by Friday 25 August.

The local charity chosen for September 2016- August 2017 is the Manna Food Bank.

Textiles are collected weekly with your food waste (along with small electricals) - 3 services in 1. To find out when your collection is enter your address or postcode into My Spelthorne.

Textiles should be:

  • in clear plastic bags or carrier bags, ideally labelled to show they contain textiles.  You can collect up to ten clear plastic bags from the Council Offices or Community Centres free of charge (for use with textiles OR small electricals)
  • tied securely (we cannot take wet textiles)
  • kerbside by 6am (they are collected by a dedicated textile crew)
  • placed next to your food waste bin

Clothes and textiles - these must be clean and dry

Yes please

  • accessories (scarfs, gloves, hats, belts and bags)
  • bedding (blankets, sheets, throws, pillowcases and duvet covers)
  • clothing (any condition eg with holes or stains)
  • curtains, towels and tea towels
  • fabric off cuts
  • soft toys
  • old or worn textiles (eg tights and underwear) can be shredded and reused as padding for chairs and car seats

No thank you

  • duvets and pillows
  • soiled and wet materials (holes or stains are fine - but clean please)
  • carpets and rugs
  • coat hangers
  • balls of wool and string
  • paint, oil or fire damaged materials
  • safety helmets

Footwear - these must be in pairs, clean and dry

Yes please

  • slippers
  • shoes and boots
  • wellington boots

No thank you

  • single shoes

Missed collections

If you have followed the above instructions correctly, but your textiles have been accidentally missed, please complete the online form or contact Customer Services within one working day and we will return and collect it.