The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out how and when the Council intends to involve people, businesses and organisations in the planning process.  The SCI includes how stakeholders will be involved in the review of the Local Plan, preparation of other planning documents and evidence base studies as well as the determination of planning applications.

The Council adopted its latest SCI on 16 July 2015 which takes account of changes to planning legislation and guidance since the previous SCI was adopted in 2006.  The latest SCI and an accompanying Statement of Adoption can be viewed below. 

Icon for pdf Statement of Community Involvement [868.38KB]

Icon for pdf SCI Statement of Adoption [153.95KB]

The Council sought views on a draft version of the SCI over a four week period from Friday 27 February 2015 to Monday 30 March 2015. A copy of the draft SCI and a table of the comments made and how these were taken into account in the final adopted SCI can be viewed below.

Icon for pdf Draft Statement of Community Involvement [901.76KB]

Icon for pdf SCI Table of Comments and Responses [295.69KB]