Spelthorne lies within the Thames Valley and parts of the Borough are liable to flooding from the Rivers Thames, Colne and Ash. Flood risk means that properties and land can be subject to flooding.  Any land or building which may be at risk of flooding is subject to restrictive planning policies on what may be built.

Local Authorities are required to take account of the risk of flooding in their planning decisions. We base our decisions on flood risk maps produced by the Environment Agency.  This map is based on their Lower Thames Flood Risk Mapping Study - February 2008 (for the 1 in 20 flood risk area) and their Flood map for England and Wales which is up-dated every 3 months (for the 1 in 100 and 1 in 1000 flood risk areas).  It supersedes the fluvial flood risk areas shown in the Icon for pdf Council's Strategic Flood Risk Assessment [7.17MB] (December 2006). 

You can find out whether a property in the Borough is liable to flood by using 'My Spelthorne'.  You can search by postcode or use the zoom tool to view a specific area.