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Householder Appeals Service

The Householder Appeals Service came into force on 6 April 2009. This is an expedited procedure for householder appeals which proceed on the basis of written representations.

"Householder application" means an application for planning permission for development of an existing dwelling house, or development within the curtilage of such a dwelling house for any purpose incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling house, but does not include an application for a change of use or an application to change the number of dwellings in a building.

The following appeals will be within the scope of the Householder Appeal Service

  • appeals against refusals of householder applications for planning permission

The following appeals will not be within the scope of the Householder Appeal Service -

  • appeals against any grant of planning permission, consent or approval which is granted subject to conditions
  • appeals against a local planning authority's failure to determine a householder application
  • appeals against Listed Building Consent applications or Conservation Area Consent applications
  • appeals against lawful development certificate applications
  • appeals against enforcement notices
  • appeals against applications for advertisement consent

More information on the Householder Appeals Service can be obtained via the Planning Inspectorate.

How to appeal

Please note that only the person who has made an application can appeal.

General information about appeals, including guidance on the appeal process and advice on how to appeal, can be found on the appeals page of the Government's website.