As part of the drive to provide a quicker, more predictable and efficient planning service, the Government has introduced a new standard application form for applications for planning permission made under the Town and County Planning system.

Alongside this and to support the use of this standard application form, the Government has introduced new information requirements for the validation of planning applications by local planning authorities.

The new application forms include establishing a core and mandatory national list of information required for a valid application along with an additional list of local mandatory requirements based on national and local policy requirements.

Different types and scale of applications will require different levels of information and supporting documentation to be submitted. The combined use of the national and local lists affords both the Council and applicant more certainty when submitting applications and ensures that the information requested is proportionate to the type and scale of the application being made.

Our local list of information requirements, as amended, was approved on 21 October 2015.  It sets out the scope of additional information required by us to validate an application including thresholds and criteria for the submission of particular types of information.

Please ensure that any documents submitted which contain sensitive information are clearly separated and marked as confidential.  Any photographs submitted should have personal details redacted.