Your food waste is collected weekly as part of our '3 services in 1' collection (food waste, textiles and small electricals). On your collection day, put your green caddy kerbside by 6am and allow until 3pm for it to be emptied.

Find out when your collection day is

What can go in my bin?

Yes please

  • tea bags and coffee grounds
  • bread, cakes and pastries
  • rice, beans and pasta
  • leftover cooked food
  • meat and fish - raw and cooked including bones
  • all dairy products such as eggs and cheese
  • pet food

No thanks

  • packaging of any sort
  • liquids
  • oil or liquid fat

Line your grey caddy

Re-use plastic bags from bread, fruit, potatoes and vegetables in your grey caddy. Tie them before you put them in your external food waste bin; we cannot take food waste if it is loose. If using newspaper as a liner, fully wrap the food waste so it is securely contained.  

Missed collections

If you think your bin has been accidentally missed, contact us within one working day by completing the online form or contact Customer Services. We will return to collect your caddy if it was kerbside by 6am and the food properly wrapped and tied.

Missed bin collection form

Collecting a new bin

If you need new food waste caddies, you can collect them from the Council Offices, your local Community Centre or the Depot.  Please do not replace your bin if it is broken but can still be used.

Food waste service

Some properties may not be part of the food waste service because there is no space for bins, this is usually high rise flats.

Recycling food waste

By using your caddy, food waste is recycled and turned into compost/soil improver. About 40% of household waste is food. Putting it in your rubbish creates bad smells, attracts flies and when it rots in landfill it produces methane (a powerful greenhouse gas) which contributes to climate change and contaminates sites for years.

Remember that composting is also a great option for food waste.

Cut food waste and save up to £60 a month:

  • plan meals and cook the right amount.....Surrey Environment Partnership has tips on how to do this
  • use up your leftovers....the national Love Food Hate Waste  campaign has lots of ideas
  • eat or freeze food before the 'use by' should not eat food after this date
  • except in the case of eggs 'best before' dates are about quality (flavour and texture) not safety
  • freeze as much as you can (check the packaging for storage instructions)
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