Job vacancies

Job vacancies at Spelthorne Borough Council

VacancyVacancy numberClosing date
Lawyer67421 July, 4pm
Trainee Solicitor 67321 July, 4pm
(Senior) Environmental Health Regulatory Officer (Senior) EHO65531 August 2017 
Principal Licensing Officer66517 July 2017, noon
Senior Sundry Debts and Control Officer67111 July 2017, noon
NNDR Officer/Inspector67011 July 2017, noon
Customer Services Officer66911 July 2017, noon
Customer Services Officer and Revenues Inspector66811 July 2017, noon
Principal Planning Officer66310 July 2017, noon
Planning Officer (Policy)66410 July 2017, noon
Assistant Cook6675 July 2017, noon
Team Manager Housing Options65430 June 2017, noon
Economic Development Officer66230 June 2017, noon