Strategic Land Availability Assessment - SLAA

Previously known as the SHLAA

Council's are required to prepare a Strategic Land Availability Assessment (SLAA) in order to have a good understanding of which land in the Borough may be available and suitable to help meet its identified development needs.  The SLAA will inform the review of our Local Plan. 

SLAA methodology

The Council prepared and consulted on a joint draft SLAA methodology in partnership with Runnymede Borough Council.  A final version of the SLAA methodology and a table of the representations received on the draft and how these have been taken into account can be seen below:

pdf icon SLAA Methodology [1Mb]

pdf icon SLAA Table of Comments and Responses [698kb]

Call for Sites 2016

What is the 'Call for Sites'?

The 'Call for Sites' is part of the SLAA and is the first stage in the study of suitable available land underpinning the next Spelthorne Local Plan. Through the Call for Sites, landowners, developers, individuals and other interested parties may submit potential housing and employment sites for consideration as part of the SLAA.

How are sites assessed in the SLAA?

Submitted sites are assessed by Spelthorne Borough Council against the criteria in the SLAA methodology in order to establish the suitability, availability and achievability for residential and economic use development.

It is important to note that the SLAA is purely a technical assessment process that helps to identify a potential land supply.  It will not represent a commitment for the development of a site, nor indicate that planning permission would be granted should an application be submitted.  It will be for the Local Plan and the formal planning process to identify and allocate sites for development and to assess and determine any application in accordance with adopted planning policies and the National Planning Policy Framework.

Please note: Spelthorne's 2017 Call for Sites ended on Tuesday 10 January 2017 and we are currently assessing the sites submitted.  However, if you missed the deadline but have a site you want to tell us about please complete the pro forma below and email to Planning Policy.

worddocuments icon Call for Sites Proforma [49kb]

The SLAA, including assessment of sites submitted under the 'Call for Sites' is not expected to be published before November 2017.

Please contact Planning Policy on or call 01784 446405 if you have any queries about the Local Plan review.

Page updated:  March 2017