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Spelride - Spelthorne Accessible Transport

What is Spelride and who can use it?

Spelride is a door-to-door transport service using specially adapted minibuses to carry passengers with a mobility problem in Spelthorne.

You can use Spelride if you are a disabled or elderly resident of Spelthorne who cannot use conventional public transport.

Where can I go?

You can go anywhere within the Borough. This can be for many reasons, including going to the shops, the doctor, a day centre or to visit a friend or relative.

When can I use the service?

Monday to Friday 9am-11am and 2-4pm for transport to and from day centres and 11am-2pm daily for other trips.

How much will it cost?

There is an annual membership fee of £21. Fares are £4.10 per journey and £7.10 return. You can  by selecting 'Sales Ledger Invoices'.

How do I book a journey?

Please telephone Spelride between 9.30am and 1.30pm on 01372 474550. Bookings will be accepted up to two weeks in advance before travelling. Bookings cannot always be accepted and alternative times will be offered. All arrangements are on a first come first served basis.

We are here to help so if you do have a last minute booking or a trip at an unusual time, please call us and ask.

Will I get help getting on or off the vehicle?

Our drivers will be happy to help you to and from the vehicle whatever your disability. Our vehicles are adapted with lifts for wheelchair users and others who have walking difficulties.

If you are using a wheelchair please make sure that you are either seated in it when the driver arrives or you have arranged other help to get you in and out of the wheelchair at the start and end of each journey. The drivers are not permitted to lift or carry you in anyway. You must also ensure that your house is fitted with a ramp for ease of access with a wheelchair.

Can I bring an escort, carer or companion?

Anyone who cannot function alone may take an essential escort or carer free of charge. Guide dogs and hearing dogs will be welcome. A companion may also travel, subject to availability of seats, at the normal charges.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, of course, although it would help us and other passengers if you can cancel your booking at the earliest convenience. This would allow us to offer the seat to other Spelride users.

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