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Rubbish collections


Your rubbish is collected every two weeks. On your collection day, put your dark green bin kerbside with the handles facing the kerbside by 6am with the lid firmly closed. Please move it back onto your property as soon as possible after emptying.

Find out when your collection day is

What can go in my bin?

All household waste that cannot be recycled, composted or reused can be put in your rubbish bin.

You cannot put the following items in your rubbish bin:

All of the above materials can be taken to the Community Recycling Centre.

Excess rubbish

This will not be removed. Please wait until your next collection or take it to Community Recycling Centre.

Missed collections

Missed bin collection form

If you think your bin has been accidentally missed, contact us within one working day by completing the online form or contact Customer Services. Either we will return to collect your bin or you will need to wait until your next scheduled collection date.

Order a new bin

To request an additional or replacement please complete the online form.

Order a new bin form

Reducing bin smells

Smells come from rotting rubbish. If possible:

  • separate food waste in to your caddy so it is collected weekly or in a food digester
  • store your wheelie bin out of direct sunlight
  • keep the lid closed at all times
  • wash inside your bin with disinfectant or bleach regularly to keep it fresh
  • put solids from disposable nappies down the toilet and then double bag (try using real cloth nappies)
  • hang insecticide strips inside your bin to help control flies should they get in
  • squeeze air out of bags before placing them in your bin to slow the decomposing process

If you do get maggots, once the bin has been emptied, pour boiling water over flies and maggots to kill them and leave water in the bin to cool before tipping it out. Clean the bin out with disinfectant or bleach as this will help to deter flies in the future.

Using your bins

This is our Icon for pdf Wheeled Bin Policy [38.25KB].

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