What can go in my light green recycling bin?

Yes please

  • dry paper and cardboard
  • metal cans / tins
  • glass (no light bulbs, window glass or pyrex)
  • plastic bottles eg water, milk, shampoo, bleach (rinsed first)
  • plastic pots, tubs and trays (rinsed first)

Recycling must be put in the bin loose - no carrier bags or bin liners

No thanks

  • plastic bags, plastic film or bubble wrap
  • crisp / sweet wrappers
  • drinks / food cartons (eg Tetapaks) *
  • polystyrene
  • pizza boxes (the food/grease on these makes them non recyclable)
  • foil
  • aerosols
  • textiles
  • nappies

* Drinks / food cartons can be recycled but only at the Community Recycling Centre (tip) and some of the recycling bank sites.

Items should be placed loose in the bin and not in plastic bags. Plastic bags should be used to line your food waste caddy or thrown away in your rubbish bin.  Alternatively, most large supermarkets have carrier bag recycling facilities close to the main entrance.

Carrier bags, films or sandwich bags cannot be recycled even if they have the recycling logo on (this means that they are made out of recycled material) or if they say they are degradable. Please put rinsed plastic tubs (eg ice cream and margarine), bottles (eg bleach and shampoo), trays (eg meat and biscuit) and pots (eg yogurt and coleslaw) into your recycling bins.  Lids should be left on bottles.

You can use the recycling search tool to find out what items can and cannot be recycled.